Wolf & Wilde - Where it began

Wolf & Wilde - Where it began - Wolf & Wilde

We are Wolf & Wilde, created under the Scent Selection umbrella. Today we want to tell you the story of how we formed and the events that led us here. 


My name is Sebastion Wilde, I created our brands Scent Selection, Wolf & Wilde and The Tasty Tea Company. 


We started by creating Scent Selection in 2018 and started by manufacturing air fresheners to create extra income due to taking a new full time job role at the time which paid 50% less than my previous salary. I did this to spend more time at home with the family which becomes the most important thing in life. 

I was then made redundant during the first Covid-19 lockdown! I decided to go all in and branch out our products. This is where our candles started and we haven't looked back since. Scent Selection candles range from classic scents to inspired by scents. We then started with the accessories and essential oils.

I wanted to start making more unusual scents to the highest possible standard and so the brainstorming began, first we had to think of a name! Wolf & Wilde was created due to our new-born baby boy whose middle name is Wolf. I knew I wanted to create something that can be passed down the family in the future and so it made sense to become Wolf & Wilde.

Next came the candles.. we created some unusual scents using the most premium oils and the highest grade wax. As we purchase these items in huge bulks which means we can offer fair prices and keep our candles affordable. 

Naturally we wanted to offer the scents we had created in other formats such as reed diffusers, wax melts and refills. Our reed diffusers are truly unique and the design oozes luxury. 

We are happy to announce that we will shortly be opening a new retail premises in the wonderful town of Hebden Bridge in July/August


I hope you have taking some enjoyment of learning the Story of Wolf & Wilde. We will be creating some more posts of our new shops development along the way.

If you would like to check out our other brands then we have inserted links below!




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