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These incense sticks are hand rolled in India using pure extracts and the finest scented oils. Let this aroma fill your home or shop and create a wonderful atmosphere. The finest spices, herbs, floral extracts, exotic oils and other natural ingredients are carefully selected and skillfully blended for their positive influence.

A variety of fragrances available from the best known company for incense, producing top quality incense.

Each pack contains 15g of Incense sticks (approximately 10 incense sticks)

Huge range of scents - from calming meditation aids, spicy warm and fresh cleansing aromas

Recyclable packaging, Free from Toxic substances.

To Use:

Light the end of the incense stick using a candle, lighter of match

Allow the flame to burn for a few seconds - until a glowing ember forms

Extinguish the flame wafting a smudging feather, hand or gently blowing

Once the incense stick is burning, place in an incense stick holder.

Burn time: Approx 30 min
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Customer Reviews

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Long lasting & beautiful scent.

We use the incense sticks in the bathroom to cover the cat tray smells. The bathroom is about 7x8 feet without a Window so smells hang around, I've just lit the second one but I can still smell the one from 4 days ago.😊

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